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Jakončič kmetija

Jakončič kmetija

Wine tradition as of 1847 on when Mihael and Carolina Jakoncic got married and planted the first vineyards. The portal stone with year 1847 and initials MCJ is still build into the arch of the stone cellar. Wine was sold mainly in inns and restaurants in the northeast Italy during the First and Second War. Jakončič:« A cellar is the heart that drives our winery. Also here, deep down below the earth, nature has the last say« A wisdom of winemaking is to monitor the potential of each individual vintage and variety, and at the same time to let the vintage develop its own qualities - this is the most demanding thing. At this moment books and statistics fall short, and the experience which are brought from one generation to another count most. Intergenerational passing of knowledge is not always without sparks, and so new ideas are born. For some of them you realise later that they have 100-year old roots.


Winery with taste is the slogan with which ten years ago we embarked on the path between the lovers of good wines and other drinks, cuisine and pleasant company.

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