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Champagne Serge Mathieu

Champagne Serge Mathieu

At Champagne Serge Mathieu go to great lengths to harvest grapes at optimum ripeness. In the winery they try to obtain as much personnality and flavour from these grapes, which involves a light hand in vinification and careful thinking. Their techniques are traditional, but each stage in the winemaking process aims at preserving the full fruit flavours by gentle handling adapted to each situation. They use little sulphur, natural precipitation, very light filtering and dosage. This « light » touch is just what is required to prevent any wine from becoming unstable. The use of extra-long cellar ageing for the wines, which is extremely rare for a small producer, allows to maintain minimal dosage levels, thus preserving the purety of the wines‘ aromas


Winery with taste is the slogan with which ten years ago we embarked on the path between the lovers of good wines and other drinks, cuisine and pleasant company.

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