En Primeur offer 2022


Dear Bordeaux wine lovers! We invite you to submit your wish list for the most wanted EP wines.


In the following days and weeks we will keep you informed about the prices and grades of Bordeaux wines, which you can order according to the En Primeur system.


From today on you can submit your wish list and we will reserve the wines as soon as orders are live.


Email us to ales@eVino.si



Check the first prices available below!



    Terms of purchase:


  • 100% advance payment
  • Included in the advanced payment is also the tax!
  • Delivery of En Primeur wines is approximately in summer 2025
  • Offer is live until 31.7.2023 or until the stock is sold out
  • eVino CLUB sale bonus does not apply for this offer
  • Delivery cost for Slovenia is without charge, delivery to other countries by agreement
  • Minimum order is 6 of the same bottles, except where there is stated, you can order by 1 bottle!


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